"New technology & new science

will be used to create a global

Utopia or Dystopia by 2030."

"The world needs you to become aware of the new technological & scientific advancements that are changing the world right now. There are grave moral & ethical concerns that are not being adequately addressed. Learn how we can create a more utopic future together without losing our humanity."


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The world needs you...

now more than ever.


UTOPIA 2030 (Audio)


"The only real limitation is to what extent you realize all that is now possible."



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Your wildest dreams have not prepared you for all that is now

possible. Our recent technological advancements, and scientific

discoveries have changed the game of life as we know it. Your

entire worldview is about to change when you realize how far

we've come, and how far we will go. Not in 10,000 years, not

in 1,000 years, but in this decade the people who own the most

will either lead us into a Dystopia or a Utopia. Globalization isn't


going to suddenly stop consolidating control. The only way we can

build an ethical, and equitable global power structure is by literally

having competent leaders in control of the technology. Why would


our leaders allow for gene-editing technologies like CRISPR to be


implemented unchecked, and allow for human-animal chimeras to


be created? That blasphemy is mainstream science now. All that


matters is that untainted future generations will be born into


even better times than we found ourselves in. You need to be

fully educated to play an active role in maximizing the good.

You're not proactively keeping up with what's most important,

and the learning curve is massive. Remember when we thought

the earth was the center of the universe? This is like that time,

because now we have new models for how the solar system looks,

how atoms look, and how the universe works. In this collection of

insights you'll find everything important presented to you in an easy

digest format. Once you've learned the knowledge, then you can see

how our advancements could be used to create our Utopia by 2030.