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The Blueprints For

Global Utopia by 2030



"Now we have the technology to end world hunger, disease & triple our lifespans."

Your world needs you

now more than ever...

You are ready to learn about the new scientific & technological advancements that allow us to create a more utopic future.

There are grave moral & ethical concerns that are not being adequately addressed, which threaten the natural order

of nature & humanity.

That's why it's up to good men & women like YOU to use your privilege, resources & unique skills to save the world for

all future generations.

We must agree now on what kind of world we want to live in

& what kind of futuristic civilization we want to create using

new technologies or else a few thousand billionaires will

create our future economy without us.

You don't get to remain a mere spectator - you have to become

fully versed by reading this book to gain the knowledge

& inspiration of how to create our Utopia by 2030.



"The only real limitation is to what extent you realize all that is now possible."


UTOPIA 2030 (Audio)



Anyone can volunteer from anywhere in the world to help teams strategize the use of

charitable funds to respond to humanitarian concerns in real-time. Now with new tech

& purchasing power we can directly & immediately get people what they need to thrive.

Anyone with internet access can request aid on the platform & you can respond to help.

That means no one has to be alone in the world & privileged members of society like YOU

can take the time to make sure families have food to eat & essential vitamins to stay alive.

With global correspondence from the international & scientific community, as well as the

governmental agencies we can invest in scaling up the mass production of essentials such as enriched non-perishable food to provide for free to those that need it most. No one has to go hungry when we can drone over a care package of food in bio-plastic bag to someone who requested food using access to the internet from Elon Musks Starlink Satellites, which is what

our Global Drone Delivery Network will be run with. That's the big picture of what we can do now.

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New science & technology

has changed the game of life

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